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GALM Anti + High Motor settings

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After being asked so many times for an updated setting sheet lately, I finally found some time this morning to sit down, take some measurements and note them down. This is my high motor GALM, which is my current favourite of my 2 GALMs and this is the setup that I won the recent Slide House competition with.

This is not necessarily the spec I would recommend to other people, since it lacks many upgrades that I will be choosing to add soon but this chassis started out as a basic kit with only a few choice upgrades on that I was using as an experimental chassis for testing ideas and parts on. A prime example of this is the lack of rear uprights, which is one of my must have upgrades on a GALM along with HG dampers (although I have a new purple set waiting to go on! It also runs a terrible Yokomo gear diff that has leaked on more than one occasion, and a slightly smaller pulley (38 vs 39T) that effects gear ratio.

Apologies for my terrible hand-writing, but I hope this may be of help to someone out there! If you have any questions about this setup, fire me a message via email or one of our social media pages.