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First Look: Overdose ES Aluminium Rear Uprights

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Overdose ES Rear uprights

Last week we received the Overdose ES Rear Aluminium uprights into stock here at PACE, and I was excited to get them installed onto my own GALM (high motor mount) for testing. On Saturday I headed to Slide House for their most recent open day and was very impressed with the new uprights.

ES stands for Easy Setting and that’s what these uprights are all about – they are intended for GALM drivers that want an upgrade over the standard part but don’t want any complexity and want to avoid the possibility of getting lost in detailed settings that are offered by the higher end upgrade parts.

These Overdose ES Rear Uprights join the other ES parts in the line up including front knuckles, front lower arms and rear lower arms. All of the ES part range feature lower prices compared to the more high end tuning parts too, so they are easier on the wallet in addition to being easier to tune.

So how do these Overdose ES Rear Uprights perform? Well, to be honest I was expecting them to behave pretty much like the stock plastic GALM V2 uprights when set to the same settings (or as close as you can make them) but I was pleasantly surprised by the increased rigidity offering more predictable handling and stability. You can see in the photo above the settings I went with which were as close as I could get to my existing settings (check out my GALM high motor settings here), to make my evaluation as much about the change in part as possible and not new settings. The difference is around 0.5-1mm higher position on the ball stud at a guess, so very close indeed.

The ability to adjust upright height with the insert is excellent, so you can raise or lower the axle and ball stud positions. They also include 2 insert options – 2.5mm for GALM and 2mm for other manufacturers chassis to allow them to be easily installed on MANY chassis!

In my opinion these are a superb choice for beginner or intermediate level tuners, and those more skilled at tuning will benefit more from the fully adjustable rear uprights although these ES uprights can certainly be used by everyone. The price is very fair, and they make a great upgrade from the stock parts.

These uprights will stay on my own GALM high motor for some time, until I feel that I need to extract more from the chassis in this area and at that point I will install the adjustable uprights. For now, these are very capable and allow me to apply my tuning focus elsewhere in the mean time.

Overdose ES Aluminium Rear Uprights are available in purple, red or black and you can find them here on our shop.